The fastest VPN carrier,” in step with Tom’s manual, Speedify uses Channel Bonding technology to safely use more than one net connections on the same time. this indicates you get extended bandwidth, lower latency, and better reliability for all your internet activities: stay-streaming, watching videoswireless, gaming, and surwiwireless.

How? after you’re connected to our international community of VPN servers, Speedify intelligently distributes on-line wi-fitrafwiwireless between all available internet connections, so that you’ll by no means need to fear approximately buffering motion pictures, sluggish streaming, or interrupted downloads again.

Speedify doesn’t just offer safety from the outside. We recognize your privateness, too. We don’t collect any consumer information through watching or analyzing your software visitors.

Protection And Privateness
the use of the latest encryption standards, Speedify supplies a remarkable secure connection to make certain that no person sees your touchy statistics. because Speedify runs inside the heritage, it secures statistics transmitted thru all of your apps, so you stay secure whether or not you’re chatting on fb or checking Gmail. Our Kill transfer feature prevents you from by chance going on line without the safety of Speedify’s VPN.

dependable internet —Our vast server listing manner you may get admission to the web sites you want no matter in which you’re in the world–continually with a fast, comfortable, and reliable connection.

GET started at no cost
With our loose app, we’ll cozy and optimize your wi-first wi-fiwiwireless gigabytes of net pastime across all available connections each month without cost!

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